Beautiful. Bespoke. Exclusive.

Curators of Clay has started out as a pursuit of peace, beauty and happiness. 

After years of working in advertising and media, communication professionals Bhairavi Naik and Rohit Kulkarni felt they both preferred clay over their conventional jobs and so decided to set up Curators of Clay as a one-of-it's-kind ceramic studio with a focus on functional art. 

All the work made at Curators of Clay is handcrafted by one of the two - either Bhairavi or Rohit - right from making the clay to firing it using their own glazes in their own kilns. 

“Art for every day use” is how the studio describes it’s work. 

Curators of Clay strives to live up to an authentic potters' lifestyle - working towards a sustainable environment, hand crafting ceramics and making art for every day use. 

As a studio, Curators of Clay’s vision is simple - they want their ceramics to be used, cherished and above all, loved
​every day!